Turulskis in den USA

Some Turulskis came from Westprussia to the USA, for example  Catharina (*08.04.1848) and Adam Turulski (*18.08.1847) from Kauernick (Poland) with their sons Johann (John) (*1880, +29.04.1932)  and Joseph(*14.08.1883,+19.12.1940). Catharina and their sons came by ship to Amerika in 1886 where they arrived at the beginning of 1887. Adam and Catharina got another son, Waldeswaf who was born on 20.01.1889 in Wilmington and another son was born on 28.01.1891 called William. He died on 19.02.1924.

Most of Turulski lived in Deleware .

John has several children with his wife Elsie (born Bojarowski).

John S.  *27.09.1909, + 12.02.1994
Edward J.  *25.09.1911, +27.06.1976
Martha   *1915, +25.10.1942
Leon J.   *07.02.1919, +31.01.1938
Helen     *05.04.1906
Mildred  (married to Malvin H. Crocker, 05.09.1945)
Theresa   *30.04.1916, +30.04.1922
Agnes  *24.10.1907, +25.06.1928

Joseph married Mary Wojowicz, they had two children

Willi  *04.11.1912
Stephen J.   *1909 (he changed his name to  Tearl)