Turulskis in Poland

The name Turulski is very common in Poland.  I found many Persons with the Surname Turulski or Turulska on https://geneteka.genealodzy.pl. You find a summary here:

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Biography of Father Narcizas Turulski

Born October 31, 1907, in Leikarty [Leichhardt?], in Pomerania. Graduated from gymnasium in Wąbrzeźno; in 1930 he finished seminary in Pelplin and was ordained. From 1931 he was a religion teacher in Tczew high schools. He continued his theology studies at the university; in September 1939 he ended up in Puƚawy, and from there went to Vilnius where he completed his studies with a master’s degree in theology. He remained in Vilnius during the Soviet occupation. June 14, 1941 – arrested and sentenced to prison camp. In 1942 he was amnestied as a Polish citizen and released from camp. He became a chaplain of the Sixth Infantry Division of Anders’ Army, and accompanied it on the Italian Military Campaign. After the war he remained in England and served among demobilized Polish soldiers in the region of Birmingham and Coventry. In 1950 he became pastor of a Polish parish in London; created several cultural and religious societies and became the General Secretary of the Polish Catholic Mission in Great Britain. He was a monsignor [prelat] and recipient of Polish state awards. Died in London on January 8, 1965.

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Ludwik Turulski, a brother of Narcizas and a polish-german soldier even has his own Wikipedia-note: