Turulskis in Poland

Most of the Turulskis came from the region around Lubawa. Some of them are still living there.

Over 300 People with the Name Turulski are still living in Poland. In my database I probably have informations about most of their ancestors. This is a collection of informations from several other databasis, f.e. familytree,  Allensteiner Indexierungsprojekt, geneteka  and others.

If your name is Turulski/Turulska and you want to learn more about your ancestors, please contact me. I will try to help you.

Here is an extract of a list of births in the region warminsko-mazurskie:


Where do they live?

The polish GENETEKA provides the following results for the surname Turulski, although names that are spelled very similarly are also listed here. In some cases, the names were not copied correctly from the original documents: